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Neud Sakura, Big Boob Godaime (Tsunade), Shy Hinata, Corner Temari

2009-12-25 21:54:01 by hotspringnaruto

Check this one out, the boobs keep getting bigger, and the chicks get more naked.
Gotta love Sakura when her pants are off, you don't have to try to get in them! XD!!!!

Neud Sakura, Big Boob Godaime (Tsunade), Shy Hinata, Corner Temari


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2009-12-25 22:25:49

I saw this on a hentai site. It's part of a hentai comic.

(Updated ) hotspringnaruto responds:

yeah, i remember seeing it too. SEXY AS HELL DOUJIN THAT I READ from
type in naruto hentai


2009-12-26 23:16:14

what was the website

(Updated ) hotspringnaruto responds: look it up dude, and type in naruto, you'll find the MOST FAPTASTIC doujinshi ever. hope you're into that stuff! you'll fap you're brains out man! if you're not 18, don't get caught! be aware, is under maintenance at the moment.


2010-01-27 01:40:00

good pick i just checked out and damn! it pretty ccool

hotspringnaruto responds:

yup, i'm a HUGE fan of fakku's doujins and hentai. it's awesome.